Yes, they really do still exist – those special things, both large and small, that touch us and warm our heartswith their childlike magic. 

In year 2019 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our workshops and I still believe, just as I did back then, that in these all-too-fleeting times there have to be things to which we can give our hearts. And these small things are just what we create in our manufactory in Pobershau, full of poetry and with loving attention to detail. Inspired by our distinctive designs we continue to craft them lovingly by hand out of natural wood to a quite exceptional level of craftsmanship. Our Guardian Angels®, happy country folk, cuddly Good Luck Bears and inquisitive bunnies are probably the best known of our figurines. This year our very smallest angels are gaining four colorful new companions. In our collection you will also find new carol singers, to be used both to decorate our pyramids at Christmas and as a stand-alone group of figurines. So, as you leaf through the following pages I hope you will be inspired by our little treasures and will make your very own discoveries. And I trust you will get great pleasure from the artistic hand-crafted products from our workshops.

May it bring you much pleasure

Günter Reichel

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