Yes, they really do still exist – those special things, both large and small, that touch us and warm our heartswith their childlike magic. 

In our Erzgebirge workshops, we have been creating with loving attention to detail small ambassadors of the heart like these, full of poetry, ever since 1989. Beautifully hand-crafted from natural wood, these lively Guardian Angels® – now in three different sizes – are probably the best known of all our characters. But our cheerful country folk, cuddly Good Luck Bears, inquisitive bunnies and small cupids, too, have long found friends both near and far, and become loving, life-long companions. We are very pleased to show you the full range of our collection. As you leaf through the following pages we hope you will be inspired by our little darlings and make your  very own discoveries.

May it bring you much pleasure

Günter Reichel